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Our Updated Brand Promise

by John Carroll, CEO, Service Council

In 1 month, the Service Council will celebrate a major milestone: 10 years in Business (at our annual Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium held September 16-18th in Chicago IL USA: REGISTER NOW). We’ve come a long way in terms of maturity as an organization and we recently celebrated with a new brand launch.

I’ll talk about its meaning and our updated brand promise (it’s not really different than what we’ve been communicating for the last decade, but now our brand reflects this message).

The Service and Customer Support community has made even greater progress. When we first launched the council concept (as a LinkedIn Business Group believe it or not) topics that dominated the discussion were Transitioning from a Cost to a Profit Center, The Emergence of the Chief Service Officer and other related topics aimed at simply elevating the importance of Service. The founding principle to The Service Council™ was a belief that the broad community of Service, Customer Experience and Customer Support Executives needed an organization to serve as a Community and Information Platform to support peer:peer collaboration and to serve as an incubation and sharing of best practices to raise the importance of and to realize the significant benefits of establishing a Service-led organization. Our initial brand was eerily similar to The Giving Pledge (the charitable foundation established by Bill & Melinda Gates in cooperation with Warren Buffett which aimed to have wealthy families contribute their wealth to charitable causes which improved the World) which the concept of the council was modeled after. My belief was that the many Service Executives whom I had engaged with over my career at Boston-based technology analyst firm Aberdeen Group where I co-founded the Field Service and Service Management practices, had a lot of value to share in their experiences. That this knowledge and experience, like wealth in The Giving Pledge concept, could improve the World. And from this, The Service Council™ was born.

Thank goodness Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet didn’t catch wind of us as we would certainly have been slapped with a copyright infringement claim given the similarities of our brands (Phew!). Over the years, we began to separate ourselves from our competition (industry conferences, analyst firms) in terms of the differentiated value we were delivering to the community we serve. Our community told us: “you do a great job at preserving the integrity of clean discussion within your event and in a virtual setting” and “your content goes deeper than statistics and charts and gets to the heart of business application”. We witnessed our community grow to 35,000+ Research Panelists with 4,728 individual and corporate members worldwide. As a result of this maturity, we re-branded the organization with a deeper shade of blue and dropping “the” from our logo (much like Zuckerberg did with “The Facebook”).

We felt confident that this new updated brand image communicated our maturity moving from a lighter shade of teal to a darker shade of blue. But something was bugging us. And it was a belief that our updated brand was insular in design. It was lacking the appropriate communication of who and what we are to our audience and members; a community and information platform where Service and Customer Support Executives can sharpen strategy with the aid of Research & Data, Analysis & Insight, Community & Peer Collaboration and Business Application. Enter our new and updated brand.

We believe the inclusion of the word cloud symbol communicates what is at the root of our mission: Collaboration & Growth. We also believe the design of the world cloud ties nicely into our story of maturity and the many iterations of our brand journey (as Members will begin from a position of a lighter shade when they are less mature on a certain topic of strategy to a darker shade of blue or deeper level of maturity as the discussion and collaboration enabled by the Service Council™ platform deepens).

And we owe this growth to each and everyone of you. Thank you for you ongoing support. I hope you can join us for our largest and best Symposium yet next month. Please feel free to listen to our Symposium Preview Webcast Recording (LISTEN) we held earlier this week which featured guest presenter Conrad Smits, EVP – Global Head of Services & Solutions, Philips Healthcare who provided a preview of his forthcoming Keynote Presentation next month in Chicago!


John Carroll

CEO & Founder

Service Council™

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John Carroll
CEO,  Service Council

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